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Just about all the Non Profit organizations we serve are humanitarian focused and qualify as TechSoup, Google Groups for Non profits, MS Office 365 as well as Earthworm recipients of software, hardware and services.  As such we aid in the set up of conduits for all services each organization qualifies for in acquiring new equipment, services and software.  In addition we also aid in setting up cloud IT infrastructure  via Google Groups for non profits and/or Microsoft's Office365 for non profits on Azure.  This in addition to our traditional roles of providing each organization with a repertoire of standard onsite IT services such as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the functionality of  servers, desktop workstations, networking of both LAN and WAN provider installations,  cloud desktops or onsite virtual machines infrastructure, aiding in facilitating the organization's web infrastructure and setting up, maintaining or troubleshooting  of virtualized IT resources. We also support and aid in VOIP Telecomm issues.



Our mission is to use our combined IT resources, experience and knowledge to help you achieve your mission.   We do not resell, rather we facilitate having your non profit organization directly acquire eqpt, software or services directly from the best possible and expedient sources, given constraints of cost, quality, reliability and reputation of vendor being dealt with.  Our part is to assure your continued mission success,  any discount we negotiate in our role as your IT support provider we transfer directly to your non profit organization.  If we do have to make the transaction on the organization's behalf, we never make a margin nor profit from any hardware, software or services acquired. All savings and discounts are passed on to our client  non profit organizations.

We are a startup of IT specialists serving the community of not-for-profit organizations in Boston. We are also a non profit 501c3 organization with our mission being that of  serving the IT needs of other non profits in the immediate Boston area. We are dedicated and focused on helping

non profits succeed by facilitating their IT needs. Treat us as your outsourced but "in-house" IT Team + More !

We are onsite at your organization or serving you remotely from our Roslindale offices or working on your equipment requirements at our Somerville shop.

We have our offices in the Roslindale Square section of Boston and our non-retail configuration-only shop in Somerville, conveniently located very close to Earthworm on Medford St. We custom build and customize equipment for our clients as is required. Our shop is used as a staging area to minimize onsite time needed for the best productivity and effectiveness we can deliver. 


Offices at:

4238 Washington Street, STE 307

Roslindale Square

Boston, MA 02131

area code, six one seven,  942 7393

info AT MercuriaL dot co (NOT com)


Shop at:

86 Joy Street

Somerville, MA 02143
Main Shop VoiP Tel#: area code, nine one four,  662 9918
shop tel via remote VoiP link: area code, six one seven,  445 6975