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We have our offices in the Roslindale Square section of Boston and our non-retail configuration-only shop in Somerville, conveniently located very close to Earthworm on Medford St. We custom build and customize equipment for our clients as is required. Our shop is used as a staging area to minimize onsite time needed for the best productivity and effectiveness we can deliver. 


Offices at:

4238 Washington Street, STE 307

Roslindale Square

Boston, MA 02131

area code, six one seven,  942 7393

info AT MercuriaL dot co (NOT com)


Shop at:

86 Joy Street

Somerville, MA 02143
Main Shop VoiP Tel#: area code, nine one four,  662 9918
shop tel via remote VoiP link: area code, six one seven,  445 6975